• Property Beyond.

    Look Further.


  • Look broadly: Achieve whole of business outcomes through property decisions.


  • Look beyond: Adapt for future property market conditions.

  • Look innovatively:

    Create long term value addressing critical short term issues.

  • Look meticulously:

    Decisions supported by detailed financial analysis.

We enable organisations to optimise property use to support business operations.

Our purpose

We enable organisations to make property decisions that optimises their property use and commitments, leased or owned.  We work for occupiers and users of property and facilitate property decisions that support business goals. Our services extend across the whole property life-cycle, whether planning, transacting or managing property commitments.

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Property Beyond.
Look Further.

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Optimise the use of a property or a portfolio and align with whole of business outcomes.
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Analyse and negotiate leases, acquisitions and disposals to achieved desired returns.
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Manage ongoing property commitments, fitouts, makegoods and refurbishments.
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We support the occupiers of property.

We can assist you to plan, transact and manage your properties, leased or owned.

  • Tenants Can Get Rent Relief

    by Simon Hayes

    On Sunday, the Prime Minister of Australia released a Media Statement that provided rent and eviction relief to businesses that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  The Statement indicates: The Media Statement implies that the Government will provide more detail on what to do.  It also indicates that landlords and tenants should share any benefits, costs or deferral of losses in respect of the property.  This raises a number of questions, listed below, that will hopefully be resolved in the detail.  We will monitor future Prime Minister/Government releases for this information. What is the meaning of ‘financial distress’?What is…
    Tenants Can Get Rent Relief
  • How to make money as a Landlord - Outgoing Recoveries (Part 2)

    by Rodney Timm

    (Tenants are you taking notice?) In Part 1 of this series, published in the previous post, there was discussion on how landlords can maximise their revenues by getting more money out of their tenants taking advantage of the many complex clauses in lease agreements, particularly those related to the outgoing recoveries. In this previous article, clauses related to outgoings definitions, audited outgoing statements, management fees, marketing and leasing costs, and cost of a structural and capital nature were explored. This article continues this outgoings discussion but also broadens the scope into other ways that landlords can extract additional revenues from…
    How to make money as a Landlord - Outgoing Recoveries (Part 2)
  • Making Money as a Landlord - Outgoing Recoveries (Part 1)

    by Rodney Timm

    (Tenants, are you taking notice?) Landlords’ primary business motivation is to maximise their revenues and dedicate their efforts working out how they get more money out of their tenants. Tenants, on the other hand, as occupier businesses in leased premises, have their attention focused on maximising profits from their business model. One of the often neglected components of the cost of doing business is the idiosyncrasies of many complex clauses in lease agreements. For tenants, details are treated as unwanted business distractions, but these are great opportunities for landlords to exploit, collecting even more money from their tenants. As an…
    Making Money as a Landlord - Outgoing Recoveries (Part 1)
  • Facilities systems

    by Rodney Timm

    When it comes to data and implementing facilities systems, there are key decisions to be made. Big data and the exponential price performance growth in processing capacity are changing every aspect of our commercial and social lives. And with the Internet of Things (IoT) beginning to make real impacts on the built environment, ever-increasing amounts of property and building data is now available for processing. Fortunately, with enhanced interoperability, our expectation of having diverse systems and processes linked is now attainable. Most occupiers and owners of property are also now realising that, although facilities information management may not be a…
    Facilities systems
  • Integrated Workplace Management Systems

    by Rodney Timm

    10 mistakes when it comes to implementing workplace management systems in the FM and property industries – and how to avoid making them! Property and facilities management are data-rich operating worlds. This is becoming even more complex as the Internet of Things (IoT) provides the capability to imbed sensors and diagnostic tools to monitor the use and performance of everything in real time. The property and facilities management service industries have over the years made use of a host of applications to deliver various control and management functions, including property management accounting, various CAD (computer aided design) platforms, lease modelling…
    Integrated Workplace Management Systems