• Property Beyond.

    Look Further.


  • Look broadly: Achieve whole of business outcomes through property decisions.


  • Look beyond: Adapt for future property market conditions.

  • Look innovatively:

    Create long term value addressing critical short term issues.

  • Look meticulously:

    Decisions supported by detailed financial analysis.

We enable you to optimise your property use.

Our purpose

We enable you to optimise your property use and commitments, leased or owned. Our focus is on facilitating property decisions that support your business goals. Our approach extends across the whole of the property life-cycle, whether you are planning, transacting or managing property commitments.

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Property Beyond.
Look Further.

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Optimise the use of property resources and align with whole of business outcomes.
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Analyse and negotiate leases, acquisitions and disposals to achieved desired returns.
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Manage ongoing property commitments, fitouts, makegoods and refurbishments.
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We support the occupiers of property.

We can assist you to plan, transact and manage your properties, leased or owned.

  • The Right Facilities and Maintenance Model

    by Rodney Timm

    What type of facilities and maintenance contract model is going to work for your organisation? All portfolios, whether owned or leased, need to be maintained to remain functional and fi t-for-purpose supporting organisational productivity. The maintenance planning, implementation and management of the asset life cycle for the building fabric, finishes and building services includes: responsive maintenance – being the corrective works initiated when issues arise such as service breakdowns, physical damage or urgent works required for reasons of health, safety or security planned maintenance – including regular technical and statutory works aimed at retaining asset condition and required functionality or…
    The Right Facilities and Maintenance Model
  • CRE vs Strategic FM - which will prevail?

    by Rodney Timm

    Two of the most misunderstood and misused concepts in the property industry are ‘Corporate Real Estate’ and ‘Facility Management’. This is particularly true if the latter term is prefaced with the word strategic. This confusion is further complicated by the use of the terms ‘Real Estate’ or ‘Property’. This one is easy to solve. Those who see England as the mother country, probably still refer to immovable assets in which we live, sleep and work as property. But those for whom the star spangled banner is prominent in life and business references, probably think real estate.   But let us…
    CRE vs Strategic FM - which will prevail?
  • Full Steam Ahead

    by Rodney Timm

    Current wisdom in the CRE industry is that no relocation, corporate merger, workplace fit out or outsourcing arrangement can take place successfully without a well-constructed change management program.Previously all occurred successfully as part of normal business processes. So what is new? The simple answer is: the business landscape has changed.   In the past, companies focused on stability and slow but sure growth. Markets were closed, prices were kept in check, people stayed in their jobs and life was good. Changes tended to happen incrementally, on a predictable basis. But today change happens rapidly, regularly in discontinuous patterns – unpredictable…
    Full Steam Ahead
  • Green Leases- Show me the money

    by Rodney Timm

    Green buildings seem to be on everyone’s agenda and this is increasingly manifested in some form of green lease between owners and tenants. But what is the commerce and issues of these leases? For completed buildings with proven performance outcomes, this is not too problematic. But it is not so easy for pre-commitment lease agreements for developments still to be completed. How are green standards for these developments agreed, and what are the cost implications? What remedies are available to the tenant if the building’s promised green performance is not delivered?   Rating tools Currently the industry is trying to…
    Green Leases- Show me the money
  • Making Pre-commitment work for you

    by Rodney Timm

    In the boom and bust markets of Perth and Brisbane, industry activity has been bolstered in recent years by speculative devel­opments. However the current financial hiatus is likely to bring reality back into even these markets and total or substantial pre-commitments will be required for any project to come out of the ground.   On the demand side, for large-end users – if there are no existing development remnants that they can back-fill at ‘screaming’ lease deals – the only way to secure large tracts of accommodation to meet consolidation needs will be through pre-commitment deals.   But these deals…
    Making Pre-commitment work for you