• Property Beyond.

    Look Further.


  • Look broadly: Achieve whole of business outcomes through property decisions.


  • Look beyond: Adapt for future property market conditions.

  • Look innovatively:

    Create long term value addressing critical short term issues.

  • Look meticulously:

    Decisions supported by detailed financial analysis.

We enable organisations to optimise property use to support business operations.

Our purpose

We enable organisations to make property decisions that optimises their property use and commitments, leased or owned.  We work for occupiers and users of property and facilitate property decisions that support business goals. Our services extend across the whole property life-cycle, whether planning, transacting or managing property commitments.

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Property Beyond.
Look Further.

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Optimise the use of a property or a portfolio and align with whole of business outcomes.
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Analyse and negotiate leases, acquisitions and disposals to achieved desired returns.
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Manage ongoing property commitments, fitouts, makegoods and refurbishments.
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We support the occupiers of property.

We can assist you to plan, transact and manage your properties, leased or owned.

  • Portfolio planning to support agile working

    by Rodney Timm

    Are current approaches to lease commitments and owned property portfolios a barrier to workplace change?   Globally, disruptive business models and technology trends are causing continual change to the way organisations deliver their services, requiring a rethink of workplace accommodation strategies. Businesses now acknowledge that workplaces can be the drawcard in attracting and retaining talent, supporting employee well-being and engagement and, ultimately, leading to increases in productivity. In addition, the ongoing evolution of office accommodation from private offices to open plan from the early 2000s, to the current approach of agile and flexible workplaces, has demonstrated the benefits of collaborative…
    Portfolio planning to support agile working
  • Sponsor, mentor or coach?

    by Rodney Timm

    When it comes to managing your own career, upon whom do you need to call for help? orporate life has changed – no longer is your career looked after by your employer. There may a range of talent programs and training opportunities, but it is essential that every aspirant leader in business take ownership of their own careers. This does not need to be done alone; there are many experienced and trained people that will support you if you know where to look. But there is also much confusion when it comes to the type of help that should be…
    Sponsor, mentor or coach?
  • Portfolio planning in the connected age

    by Rodney Timm

    Is technology driving a move towards more proactive portfolio planning?   The nature of property, with long decision gestation periods, needing significant capital expenditure and infl exible leasing arrangements, means portfolio planning is seldom done proactively. It is the norm for portfolio decisions to be driven by events such as lease expiry dates, business mergers and sudden changes in business needs. But in this connected age, portfolio planning can now challenge traditional industry dogmas. As smart buildings emerge with ubiquitous sensors and monitoring via the Internet of Things (IoT), multifunctional building systems are being integrated, interrogated and analysed, all linked…
    Portfolio planning in the connected age
  • Implementing tech – the right way

    by Rodney Timm

    We want the insights that smart buildings bring, but what are the take-up challenges, particularly in older assets?    Ubiquitous internet-enabled devices and sensors, constantly monitored and communicating with each other, represent a system collectively referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). When sensors are deployed in the built environment as data capture, and communication devices are paired with big data analytics, the concept of smart buildings emerges, providing value-driven results for owners and occupants. IoT technology permits multifunctional building systems to be integrated and interrogated with linkages to the operating needs of occupants via the business’ own core…
    Implementing tech – the right way
  • The Right Facilities and Maintenance Model

    by Rodney Timm

    What type of facilities and maintenance contract model is going to work for your organisation? All portfolios, whether owned or leased, need to be maintained to remain functional and fi t-for-purpose supporting organisational productivity. The maintenance planning, implementation and management of the asset life cycle for the building fabric, finishes and building services includes: responsive maintenance – being the corrective works initiated when issues arise such as service breakdowns, physical damage or urgent works required for reasons of health, safety or security planned maintenance – including regular technical and statutory works aimed at retaining asset condition and required functionality or…
    The Right Facilities and Maintenance Model