Plan. Transact. Manage.

We work for occupiers of leased and owned property. We focus on optimising the value that property can bring to your business at any stage of the property life cycle, be it planning, transacting or managing property commitments.

property life cycle
Optimise the value property provides


Align your property with business strategy and financial objectives.


planning property and portfolio outcomes
Align property to business


We will work with you to plan property and portfolio outcomes to align with your business strategies and financial objectives. Our services are structured to match your needs and we will work with you to:

  • Determine and implement strategies that reduce ongoing occupancy costs and improve space utilisation. 
  • Structure portfolios that support your business needs, identify ideal operating locations and provide flexibility.
  • Determine and analyse potential development options and obtain formal development approval.
  • Obtain executive approval for projects and capital costs supported by detailed financial analysis of potential options and pertinent business cases.


Execute transactions to achieve financial and non-financial objectives.


We can plan and execute property transactions to achieve financial and non-financial objectives aligned to business strategies. We will work with you to:

  • Negotiate new leases and lease renewals that are operationally aligned and financially sustainable for the business.
  • Build and maintain long term relationships with landlords.
  • Deliver freehold acquisitions and disposals with risks minimised and returns maximised.
  • Structure property joint venture or development arrangements to receive a share of the profits in the venture.
  • Financially model transactions to determine impacts on cashflow and profit and loss over the property commitment’s life-cycle. 
Execute business objectives
Risk and profit


Improve portfolio performance and create workplaces to support staff functions.

Commercial real estate management
Deliver performance objectives


We provide support in the ongoing management of your property commitments by creating workplace solutions that improve operating and financial performance and are aligned with business functions. We will work with you to:

  • Manage and monitor portfolio performance to reduce property costs whilst identifying financial and operational opportunities.
  • Proactively plan and respond to operating needs, critical dates and property market dynamics.
  • Plan and manage works including fitouts, refurbishments and make goods that respond to budget and time constraints.
  • Undertake functional reviews and restructuring of the internal property processes and resources to maximise efficiency and property use.