Department of Education and Communities

Date: 2013 and 2014

Scale: Approximately 4,200 staff and 85,000 sqm across Sydney CBD and metropolitan locations.

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Property Beyond prepared a Portfolio Strategy and Business Case for the DEC’s Sydney CBD and Metropolitan leased premises. The Portfolio Strategy for the long-term location of DEC’s staff and operations was developed through the assessment of over 25 scenarios including consolidation of some or all staff in various metropolitan location.

The Business Case was prepared in accordance with NSW Treasury Guidelines and undertook extensive economic and financial analysis over a 20 year period identifying approximate net costs of over $500m.  The Business Case considered changes in occupancy costs; impacts on staff associated with relocation including staff churn and productivity loss; direct and indirect impacts on local industries and NSW’s economy; full risk analysis; and implementation plan.

Department of Education and Communities - Case Study

‘We recognise that it was done under extreme pressure in a limited timeframe and thanks to the quality of the work we were able to provide the Government with some realistic goals…’

Vince Spanhal, A/Executive Director, State Property Authority NSW

City of Sydney

Date: 2008 and 2015

Scale: Over 200 buildings and properties and more than 600 licences and other public domain occupancy agreements.


Property Beyond was appointed for various review roles by the City of Sydney related to the strategic planning for their owned and leased property portfolio as well as the property, facilities and maintenance management functions. Property Beyond’s initial advice provided the framework for on-going portfolio planning with the City’s Strategic Asset Plan Property being structured with four portfolios being:

  • Corporate Services Properties;
  • Community Services Properties;
  • Investment Properties; and
  • Public Domain Property Interests.

With each of these portfolios, the discrete and often conflicting key objectives were identified as the primary decision-making criteria for maintenance, capital works, asset renewal and disposal.  Within the Strategic Asset Plan Property, the principles of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy relating to the environmental performance of all the buildings was a key focus area.