Property Valuers
Generate Business value

Why Property Beyond?

Property, like staff, is an investment in the future of a business.  We assist you to make property decisions that generate business value.

What we do

We enable property occupiers and users to make robust decisions that best support their business at any time during the life cycle of owned or leased property.  The decisions are supported by comprehensive financial analysis demonstrating cash flow, profit and loss and balance sheet implications.

Achieve whole of business outcomes through property decisions.

Our offer

The need for property in every business is different.  We provide honest and impartial advice that anticipates potential opportunities and challenges so that property use is optimised. 


Our advantage

We consider your business strategies and operations first – ‘doing nothing’ may be the right decision. We foster long term working relationships you can call on us at any time, at any stage of the property life cycle, for advice and direction.



We offer impartial real estate investment advice
Long term working relationships

Focussing on what is best for your business.

We assist our clients throughout the property life cycle
Responsibility for outcomes

Our value

Most of our client relationships are long term – a testament to the quality and thoroughness of our work.  We assist our clients throughout the property life cycle, taking responsibility for the outcomes.  We do not walk away when the deal or project is complete. The value that we add to businesses is demonstrated by our client’s successes.

Recent Work

Who we are

We are independent and objective property professionals that focus on what is best for your business. Our experienced team can facilitate optimal property and portfolio solutions that will support your business objectives now and into the future.