Toyota Finance Australia

Date: 2015

Scale: 400m2 with the total project cost of $650,000.00

Toyota Finance Australia

Property Beyond assisted Toyota Finance Australia (TFA) to design and deliver their new Innovation Space and adjacent workspace for their Strategy and Marketing Teams in NSW.  The scope of Property Beyond services included architectural design, services engineering, project management and construction delivery under a design and construction arrangement.

The intention of the Innovation Space is to provide an interactive experience of the financing process for internal staff, retailers and dealers therefore it posed a complex and unique audio visual challenge during its design and planning. The successful solution was developed, designed and installed in a functional and flexible space that includes moveable and writable walls. The Innovation Space will be used by TFA to spark new and innovative processes and methods for its business units.

The adjacent workspace was designed for TFA’s Strategy and Marketing Teams. The workspace is acoustically isolated from the Innovation Space and is consistent with modern office environments including a blend of open plan work areas and fixed and flexible meeting spaces.

Toyota Finance Australia - Property Management Case Study

‘In hospitality, it’s the little details that drive success and it was great to partner with Property Beyond who lives by the same standards.  Having them involved allowed me and my team to focus on what we are good at, with confidence the project would be delivered on time and on budget.’

William Wood, GM – Melbourne, Little Creatures Brewing

Airservices Australia

Date: 2012

Scale: Approximately 1,100 sites around Australia including two major air control centres in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Airservices Australia Logo

Property Beyond was appointed to conduct a property portfolio functional, service delivery and asset management review of the portfolio of assets controlled by Airservices Australia. The portfolio comprised of approximately 1,100 sites around Australia, including diverse assets such as 28 control Towers at international and regional airports, non-directional beacons including radar and communication facilities, and aviation rescue and fire fighting services at 21 of Australia’s busiest airports.

As part of the project scope the property business systems and processes, staff accountabilities, corporate governance, asset life-cycle management, maintenance planning and outsourcing contract arrangements, were reviewed.

Subsequent advice was provided relating to Facilities Management Outsourcing services and the benefits of bringing the facilities service team back into the organisation. In order to achieve the effective transition of the changed service delivery, a Facilities and Maintenance Management Handbook was prepared.

Case Study - Property portfolio, service delivery and asset management